4 Reasons to See Your Dentist Before the End of the Year

Have you been to the dentist in Glendale, AZ, twice this year? If not, then it may be time to see your dentist before the year is over. Seeing the dentist twice annually is important. Below are the reasons why you should see the dentist before the end of the year.

1. Plaque and tartar can build up on your teeth.

When you go to the dentist for an exam, your dental professional will remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque and tartar can lead to gum recession and gum disease, so it’s important to remove plaque and tartar at every opportunity.

2. Your dentist can help make your teeth whiter and brighter.

Plaque and tartar can stain your teeth. When you go to the dentist, your dental professional can help whiten and brighten your teeth, and they’ll probably polish the tooth enamel as well. Doing that can help stop the buildup of stains on your teeth, which can help ensure that your teeth will look their best during the holidays this year.

3. Seeing the dentist twice per year is good for your teeth.

Seeing the dentist twice annually is good for your teeth. Your dentist will help you identify problems like cavities and infections, and if you have one of these problems, your dentist will give you the next steps for remediating the problem.

4. Insurance covers two cleaning visits annually.

Most dental insurance covers two dental exams annually. If you haven’t made use of this benefit, you’re not getting the full benefits from your health insurance. Take advantage of your insurance before the year is up!

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